Mini RC Helicopter

Mini RC Helicopter - Small Remote Control Helicopter

Mini RC Helicopter is a MUST-HAVE flying toy this year!  Revolutionary Mini RC Helicopter 2 speed 3.5 channel with built in gyro technology allow this mini RC helicopter to fly with extreme stability!  You gotta see it to believe it!

Unlike many other cheap remote control helicopters you see in stores, our RC helicopter is extremely stable and able to be flown forward, backward, left, right, up, down and even has fine tuning adjustments to make precision flights.  Most other types of RC helicopters you will see sold other places will only allow you to fly it up and down. When you only are able to control up and down flight, its useless outside since the wind will carry it anywhere it wants.

Our remote control helicopter features 3.5 channels, so you also have the ability to switch to another channel to fly other helicopters or if you get any interference. Fly the remote control helicopter with no problem at night or in dark places with the built in LED flashing lights. This extremely stable gyroscopic helicopter can easily fly up to 50 feet in the air with no problems!  Helicopter takes only 45 minutes to fully charge the built in rechargeable lithium battery, and gives you over 7 minutes of fun flying time. Charge the toy helicopter either through your computer via the USB cable or using the remote control.

rc helicopter

One of the best features our RC helicopter has, is how strong and durable it is. Made with a full metal body frame, able to withstand very hard crashes that would easily destroy other toy helicopters!  This does not mean its designed to purposely fly full speed into trees, but it is able to easily handle a few bad wrecks while learning how to fly.

Remote control helicopter measures 9 inches long and comes with remote control which uses 4 AA batteries. Easy to follow instructions included, along with 1 screwdriver, 2 spare main blades and 1 spare tail blade. You get all this for only $29.95


BRAND NEW item just added to our website!  4 channel Quadcopter Drone with built in video camera! Completely assembled and put together and ready to fly right out of the box. Our new remote control Drone with camera will easily fit in the palm of your hand and is easily able to fly up to 100 meters in the sky to record videos. AMAZING!  Extremely stable flying using the latest 6-axis flight control system technology with adjustable gyro sensitivity. Easily fly it indoors or outside. Charge the Drone Video Camera through your computer using the included USB cable for just 40 mintes and get over 7 minutes of flying time. Your Drone even comes with a 8GB micro SD card so you will have more than enough space to record hours of video!

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Remote Control Drone Quadcopter
Retail Price: $150
Our Price: $99.95 each

Mini RC Helicopter
Retail Price: $50
Our Price: $29.95 each


Extremely easy to fly!   Completely assembled!   Ready to fly right out of the box!

Mini RC Helicopters
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 Mini RC Helicopters

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Mini RC Helicopter

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